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Our next meeting
will be on
Tuesday 4th July
when Alan Freke will talk about The Hidden History of Frenchay Hospital.

photo of Hawkesbury Monument


photo of Hawkesbury Monument
photo of Hawkesbury Monument

Hawkesbury and Horton WI


...vital in our community


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Rangeworthy WI won First Prize for their table at the 2016 Hawkesbury Show on 27th August.
The theme for this year was 'A Paid Occupation'.
Well done Rangeworthy!

Rangeworthy WI
'A Wedding Planner'

Hawkesbury & Horton WI
'A Waitress'

Old Sodbury WI

'A Fisherman'

Coalpit Heath WI
'An Undertaker'

This is a photo of the slate roof tile that will be placed on
Dyrham Park mansion roof by
Hawkesbury & Horton WI
to celebrate the
NFWI Centenary.

Our entry for the 2015 Hawkesbury Show carnival was 'The Girt Big WI Allotment Challenge'.

Our Birthday Party on Tuesday 3rd March 2015.

Birthday cake by Hilary Rogers.

Fashions of the '40s with Juliette Herbert.

The Naughty Table.


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